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Here you can find a list of posts organized by topics, a quick way to navigate between my blog posts.
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Affordable Baby Monitors - Which One Do You Need?

When you are blessed with a bundle of joy, you will want to always keep them safe. This is why safety devices like baby monitors are a must-have for any parent. Unfortunately, they tend to cost a lot of money for something you will only be using for a few months to a year. This simple guide will help you find the best cheap baby monitor in the market today that will fit your needs and budget.

Baby Monitors:

Minilabo Video Baby Monitor Wireless Digital Camera with Night Vision,Two Way Talk and Long Range For less than 100 dollars, you can own a secure camera that you can use for your child’s bedroom to keep an eye on them while they nap. Introducing the Minilabo Video Baby Monitor, one of the best budget baby video monitors you can find. It is jam-packed with features and the best part is that it is easy to use.


Two Way Talk - Instead of getting out of bed when you hear your little one crying in the middle of the night, you can talk to your child via the built in microphone to …

TOP 5 Affordable Baby Car Seats - Infant Car Seats Reviews

Driving to get around has always been convenient and comfortable, but once you have your own child, it becomes more challenging. You find yourself constantly worrying about your child sitting in the back seat. Thankfully, you can ensure your child's safety by getting a baby car seat. We can help you find the best baby car seats online with these short baby car seat reviews of our top five picks. The following baby car seats are listed from least to the most expensive.

5. Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed Booster, Jubilee This budget baby car seat features a five-point harness that can be extended and adjusted as your child grows and makes it easier for your child to get in and out of the car seat. The cup holders are a nice touch, keeping your child’s drinks within their reach so they can stay hydrated during long car rides. It also allows you to drive freely without having to stop and reach for their bottle. The EvenFlo Chase LX car seat is a good choice for parents looking for a …

Welcome to Raising on a Budget!

Hello and welcome to Raising on a Budget.
I started this blog because I'm expecting a baby in a couple of months - my first! 😊
As we all know, raising a child can be very expensive and, due to my experience and affinity for living on a budget, I've decided to make this blog to share some of my best tips and tricks.

In this blog you will find some awesome deals an techniques for raising children on a budget. After months of research on this topic I can assure you that if you stay tuned you will spend less money on raising your newborn (from baby equipment, to food, toys and learning games) and save more.

I invite you to join me on my journey - together we can raise happy, healthy kids on a smart budget.