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Cloth Diapers Kit – The Complete Guide

Cloth diapers are a great alternative to disposable diapers. Here is a simple guide for parents who wants to use cloth diapers on their baby, but don't know where to start. This guide will tell you all you need to know about cloth diapers, ranging from the different types, accessories, and advantages.

How To Begin

Often when trying something new, the most confusing part is how to begin. With cloth diapers, you don't have to buy new ones all the time, and you can always re-use the ones you have.

There are various types of cloth diapers, and they all have their pros and cons. Most parents make the mistake of buying all the diapers their baby would need until they are potty trained.

Not every diaper will be suitable for every baby or work for the same baby as they grow. A diaper that works perfectly for a three-month-old may not be right for the same baby at almost a year old. It's best to buy enough diapers for a certain period, and then switch to the size and brand that best suits your baby once they have grown and their needs have changed.

Types of Cloth Diapers:

All-In-One Diapers

When it comes to ease and simplicity, these are perhaps the best diapers. The AIO diapers come with everything in place, you don’t need to add any extra absorbents or waterproof covers. They are so easy to use that they feel like disposable diapers.

However, they have their cons too. They're more expensive than other nappies, take a longer time to dry, and they are quite bulky.

Two-Part Diaper

The two-part diapers are made up of the nappy and the cover. The cover keeps the nappy contents away from babies’ clothes, while the nappy is the part that absorbs.

These diapers keep everything tightly locked in and come in a variety of designs, while their wraps also come in different fabrics and beautiful designs. The pre-fold and terry diapers are very cost effective.

Although when using Terry diapers and pre-fold, you would need to change your baby often. Therefore you will need more diapers, especially when you're out with the baby.

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers have pockets at the back of the nappies where the absorbents are placed. They can be used as night nappies for non-heavy bed-wetters, but are not suitable for heavy bed-wetting. They are waterproof and come in various designs, fabrics, and colors.

The biggest problem with the pocket diapers is the amount of time it takes to put the diapers and their inserts together after laundry.

Why cloth diapers?

There are many benefits to cloth diapers:
  • Comfortable
  • No dioxins or chemicals 
  • Minimizes water usage
  • Eco-friendly (disposable diapers cost more than 20 trees for one child)
  • Affordable

Washing your baby cloth diaper

For babies who are nursing, nappy washing is as simple as tossing it into the machine.

You can also follow these steps when washing diapers:
  • Remove inserts from pocket diapers
  • Use the maximum level of water
  • Start a cold rinse without detergent 
  • Run a hot cycle after the cold rinse using a quarter cup of detergent
  • Use an extra rinse on cold to finish up

How Many Diapers do you require?

The number of cloth diapers you’ll need depends on how often you wash, how often you change your baby, the kind of diapers you use, and your personal preference.

If you're a parent who prefers to stay on the safe side, you can buy as many nappies as you want. If you use All-In-One diapers, you would need more than you would need fast-drying pre-fold diapers or terry diapers.

There's no need to stress over how many cloth diapers you’ll need the first time you go shopping for them. Get the amount you think would be enough for a while and gradually buy more if you need.

Other essential accessories 

The cloth diapers get the job done effectively, however to get the best experience, you'll need a few accessories. These accessories are mainly for laundry, storage, and proper disposal.

A laundry mesh bag

Mesh laundry bags are used with the nappy bucket. They are placed in the bucket for easier clean up.
Every diaper dropped into the bucket goes into the mesh bag. Once the nappy bucket is full, the mesh bags are taken out with the nappy in them and can be tossed into the washing machine. The cloth diapers come out of the mesh bags on their own during a wash.

Nappy bucket

This is used for storing dirty nappies for a later wash. You can soak dirty nappies in the bucket, and it also locks in the smell.

Wet bags

These are mainly for storing soiled nappies until you’re ready to wash them. Wet bags also seal the smell of the dirty nappies.

Nappy liners

Babies that are still nursing have very soft poop, therefore throwing their nappies straight into the washing machine is fine. However, once babies start eating solid food, their poop starts to get lumpy. If you don’t want to pick lumps of poops with your fingers every time you do laundry, this is where you’ll find the nappy liner useful. You can dispose the lumpy poops along with the liners. It is the best to use biodegradable paper liners.


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