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Baby Playard Review - Affordable Newborn Accessories

The Best Baby Playard Review

Your children are your top priority, it’s only natural to want the best for them. What better way give them the best than with a comfortable place to sleep and play? The Pack ‘n Play Playard by Graco is the perfect solution.

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat, Rittenhouse 149$

Graco Pack 'N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer, Nyssa 79.99$

Why do I need a Play yard?

The baby play yard is similar to a traditional playpen, but with additional features. It is a place for newborns to safely take naps and for young toddlers to play in comfortably so you can get things done around the house and be at ease.

The Pack n’ Play Playard comes with a built-in changer and entertainment for your baby. The changing area offers a comfortable place for the baby while you change his or her diaper, and the fun mobile is sure to ease crying babies who are throwing tantrums or are having trouble falling asleep.

Should I choose the more expensive version?

If you have a larger budget, you can get the more expensive version of the Graco Pack ‘n Play. Because of its higher price, you can expect a handful of other features you won’t find on the cheaper version, such as:

  • Cuddle cove rocking seat. The rocking seat allows parents to gently rock their child when it is time for their nap. 
  • Vibration feature. You can use this function in the rocking seat which gently calms yours baby and helps them fall asleep while you tend to matters around the house.
  • Built-in changer. This version comes with a changing area that allows you to easily and comfortably change your baby’s diaper. 
  • Cubbies. Changing your baby’s diaper is a tedious task, so this version of the Pack n’ Play comes with cubbies next to the changing area where you can conveniently store everything you need such as extra diapers, wipes, and powder within arm’s reach.
  • Carrying handles. You can easily carry your child around the house with you on the Pack n’ Play with the carrying handles. This is especially helpful if you’re having a busy day with many chores to get done and need an easy way to bring your baby with you from room to room.

Why You Should Buy The Cheaper Version

A lot of products today provide a variety of conveniences for parents, but there are some things that require a mother’s touch instead of a machine, such as rocking your child to sleep. Although the more expensive version of the baby play yard is more appealing and has a lot more features, it is important to keep in mind that your child will outgrow it in a few years. The money you put into this item can instead be used for other essentials such as clothes, a stroller, or even your child’s college fund.

Suggested Play yard for you and your baby: 

I recommend the cheaper version of the baby play yard. As expected, it lacks some of the key features of the more expensive version, but it also has the changing area and even a bassinet for your child to sleep in.

Here are some of the features of the cheaper version:

  • Changing area. Just like the more expensive play yard, this version also comes with a handy changing area for your child. It is easy to use and is comfortable for your child while you change his or her diaper.
  • Changing area turns into a napping area. Once you change your child’s diaper, you can easily convert the changing area into a napping area by flipping over the mat. The reversible design saves space and is very convenient.
  • Removable toy bar. The baby play yard comes with a removable toy bar that includes two soft toys that your child is sure to love.
  • Removable bassinet. This feature allows you to get things done around the house while your baby sleeps comfortably. Take your child with you wherever you go in the house with the Pack n’ Play’s removable bassinet.
  • Mesh sides. The play yard’s mesh sides ensure that insects can’t come in while still allowing air flow through the sides so they can play and sleep in comfort.
  • Portable play yard. The play yard’s mesh sides ensure that insects can’t come in while still allowing air flow through the sides so they can play and sleep in comfort.
  • Comes with a carrying bag. The Graco Pack n’ Play comes with a convenient carrying bag so you can easily fold up and take the play yard with you wherever you go.

Bottom line

After seeing and comparing the two versions of the Pack n’ Play, I strongly recommend the cheaper version. Your child will be comfortable with either design, but the cheaper one allows you to invest more in the long run and spend more time with your baby.


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