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TOP 5 Affordable Baby Car Seats - Infant Car Seats Reviews

Driving to get around has always been convenient and comfortable, but once you have your own child, it becomes more challenging. You find yourself constantly worrying about your child sitting in the back seat. Thankfully, you can ensure your child's safety by getting a baby car seat. We can help you find the best baby car seats online with these short baby car seat reviews of our top five picks. The following baby car seats are listed from least to the most expensive.


EvenFlo Chase LX

5. Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed Booster, Jubilee

This budget baby car seat features a five-point harness that can be extended and adjusted as your child grows and makes it easier for your child to get in and out of the car seat. The cup holders are a nice touch, keeping your child’s drinks within their reach so they can stay hydrated during long car rides. It also allows you to drive freely without having to stop and reach for their bottle. The EvenFlo Chase LX car seat is a good choice for parents looking for a cheap, safe, and comfortable car seat that lasts until their child outgrows it.

Cons: Not an ideal car seat for children who are big for their age, parents with children who are fast growers find it difficult to fit them in the car seat.

Available Styles: Gray, Olivia, Aqua Optical, Jasmin, Jubilee, Tonal Hearts

Price: $46.79

Evenflo Baby Tribute

4. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Saturn

This car seat meets all applicable Federal Safety Standards, and each unit has passed the Evenflo Side Impact Test Standard to ensure structural integrity. Therefore, this car seat is guaranteed to keep your child safe as you drive, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead. It is lightweight and an Amazon best seller.

Cons: Some customers have voiced concerns about the lightweight frame, making it feel flimsy.

Available Styles: Black, Neptune, Pink Mums, Kristy, Saturn

Price: $48.59

Disney Light ‘n Comfy

3. Disney Light 'n Comfy Luxe Infant Car Seat, Minnie Dot

The Disney Light ‘n Comfy car seat is not only appealing visually, but it is also gets the job done. It can be used for young children 4-22 pounds and up to 29” in height. It also features a five-point harness and side impact protection to ensure that your child stays safely in their seat during the drive. Furthermore, the car seat meets all Federal and ASTM Safety Standards for your peace of mind.

Cons: Parents who used this baby car seat find it less suitable for smaller newborns (less than 10lb)

Available Styles: Pink with white dots

Price: $58.50

Graco SnugRide 30

2. Graco SnugRide 30 Click Connect Front Adjust Car Seat, Finch

The Graco SnugRide 30 is made from lightweight materials, making it easier for parents to carry their child to and from the vehicle. It is designed for newborn babies from 4-30 lbs. and is comfortable and safe. It is durable and features an adjustable harness.

Cons: The harness is adjusted from the back and not in the front, making it less comfortable to seat and take your child out of the seat.

Available Styles: Fern, Bear Trail, Finch, and Kyte

Price: $89.99

Safety 1st Continuum

1. Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat, Hollyhock

The Safety 1st Continuum is optimized for your child’s safety. It is a 3-in-1 car seat: rear-facing that can accommodate children 5-40 lbs, a forward-facing that is ideal for children 22-50 lbs, and a belt positioning system that is designed for use with children up to 80 lbs. It also comes with a grow-with-baby pillow that can be adjusted to ensure your child is comfortable. The best feature of the car seat is its Quick Fit Harness as it easily allows you to adjust the harness and headrest in one step. With the Safety 1st Continuum, you get what you pay for: quality and comfort.

Cons: The only complaint some parents have is that it takes time to effectively install in your car. It takes time and patience, but is crucial for your child's safety and comfort.

Available Styles: Grey, Chilli Pepper, Hollyhock, and Wind Chime

Price: $91.37

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Each car seat in this baby car seat on this list is designed with your child's comfort and safety in mind. Whichever one you decide on is up to you, but be sure to check the item thoroughly before purchase. If you can’t find the one you are looking for from this list, Amazon has an extensive collection of car seats to choose from.


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